WePost Alipay Payment Form 代付申请表
Current rate 目前汇率 RM 马币 1 - CNY 人民币 1.61

每笔交易 服务费RM3 Per payment service charge RM3


Please fill up the form below for alipay payment request. Customer service will contact you for further assistance. Avoid submit extra MYR, we do not provide deposit service for RMB. If refund occur for RMB, please contact customer service for MYR refund.

Alipay service is only for our member who using our shipping service .

PLEASE TOP UP to ACCOUNT MAYBANK (LOW GUI LIN (151101443283)) before submit your request.
在申请代付钱,请先转账到以下马币户口 MAYBANK LOW GUI LIN (151101443283)

会员编号 MEMBER ID (WP) *
支付宝账户注册电话 Alipay registered contact number *
支付宝账户注册电邮 Alipay registered email
汇款数额 Bank in Amount (MYR) *
代付数额 Alipay amount (CNY) *
汇款证明 Bank in Receipt *
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