Kattana Chinese Market Research 卡塔納中國市場研究
Hello everyone!

We noticed a solid interest in Kattana from Chinese users and would like to get to know your needs better.

We would really appreciate if you could fill out this short survey to help us understand you better.

P.S: We are really sorry for a bad translation that may occur in some questions here. Don't judge too harsh :)




P.S:我們真的很抱歉這裡的一些問題可能會出現糟糕的翻譯。 不要判斷太苛刻了:)
Do you trade cryptocurrency? – 你擁有加密貨幣嗎? *
What cryptocurrency exchanges do you trade on? – 您交易的加密貨幣交易是什麼? *
Do you need Chinese language to start trading with Kattana? – 你需要用中文開始與Kattana交易嗎? *
Which trading tools do yo use already? – 您已經使用了哪些交易工具? *
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