社區成員調查問卷 Survey for Community Members
我們是誰? Who is Ontario Hong Kong Youth Action (OHKYA)?
We are a youth-led group aiming to advocate for Hong Kong and support the Hong Kong diaspora community. Our goal is to inform and connect communities surrounding social issues in Hong Kong and Canada.

這個問卷的目的是? What is this survey for?
安港學盟參與了由加拿大多倫多平權會,遷蝶,華越柬寮法律援助中心,及多倫多唐人街之友合作組成的法律工作坊- 有助於華裔難民和移民去了解自己擁有的權益。安港學盟並不是提供任何移民意見及法律知識。由於在加拿大支援港人難民的團體寥寥可數,我們希望港人能透過這些團體舉辦的教育工作坊了解自己的移民情況,學習更多與移民相關的知識及權益,保障自己及其他人。
OHKYA participated in a legal workshop developed by CCNCTO, Butterfly, Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic and Friends of Chinatown, supporting Chinese refugees and immigrants to understand their legal rights. We hope that HongKongers will participate in the future legal programs hosted by these organizations since groups that support Hong Kong refugee claims are limited. We hope that HongKongers can learn more about the legal situations and rights, thereby protecting themselves and others.

The objective of this survey is to support HongKongers who plan to settle down in Canada, or non-permanent residents who are new to Canada, to acquire relevant legal needs, including legal/ status information, to achieve “self-help.” By understanding HongKongers’ needs, we can assist those groups in tailoring customized and accessible materials provided in the program. After participating in the program, we wish participants to understand their legal situations and rights. Chinese materials will be launched in 2022 by these organizations.

誰可以參加這個調查?Who can fill out this survey?
We are inviting Hong Kong refugees and migrant community members (especially people without PR or citizenship) in Canada to fill out this survey, including but not limited to...
難民 Refugees
暫時工作簽證人士 People on temporary work permits
國際留學生 International students
電子旅行證 ETA pathway
旅行簽證人士 People on visitor visas
人道同情類別移民申請者 Humanitarian and compassionate (“H&C”) claimants
沒有或過期簽證人士 People who are undocumented (non-status) or on expired permits

我的資料會怎樣被運用? How will your information be used?
Your answers will be used to help the organizers design a legal education program that is relevant, accessible, and easy to understand! We will summarize your answers and pass them on to the program organizers. We will not pass on any personally identifying details or contact information to the organizers — that information will stay within the OHKYA working group on this project. If you would like your information withdrawn or deleted at any time, please let us know, and we can remove it.

If you have any inquiries, please email ohkya.info@gmail.com
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 一:移民情況 Part 1: Your Immigration Context
1) 您現時的居住地方在? You current residence? *
2) 您在加拿大居住了多久?How long have you been living in Canada? *
3) 以下那項最符合您現時的移民身份/情況?請選擇所有合乎您身份的答案。What best describes your immigration status and situation? Please check all that apply. *
4) 您在難民申請中的哪一個階段 ? (如適用) Which stage are you at for your refugee claim? (if applicable)
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5) 如果您是無身份人士,請問您多久沒有合法移民身份? (如適用)If you are undocumented, how long have you been out of valid immigration status? (if applicable)
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6) 您對於加拿大的移民程序及手續熟悉程度為?To what extent are you familiar with the immigration application process? *
完全不熟悉 Very unfamiliar
非常熟悉 Very familiar
7) 關於您的移民情況或所面臨的挑戰,您有甚麼想分享嗎? (*我們希望更深入了解香港人的情況,尋找更合適大家需要的法律內容) Is there anything else you want to share about your immigration situation or any challenges you are facing? *
二:法律權益教育計劃 Part 2: Legal Rights Education Program
8) 您有興趣了解關於甚麼?(可多選) Which topics are you interested in learning about? (Please check all that apply.) *
9) 關於您的移民權利,您還有其他感興趣的內容嗎?您想分享更多關於您選擇上述選項的原因嗎?  Is there anything else about your immigration rights that you are interested in learning about?  Would you like to share more background on why you chose the above topics?
10) 最能有助您的學習模式?What would be the easiest way for you to learn this content? *
11) 為什麼選擇上述選項?(非必填) Why did you choose the answers above? (Optional)
12) 您是否有興趣更了解關於爭取 「人人有身份」 之活動及參與未來有關移民權利的活動?*「人人有身份」是指在加拿大不公平的移民制度下,為自己的貢獻爭取應有的身份權利 Are you interested in learning more about the fight for "Permanent Status for All", and possibly participating in future migrant justice campaigns? *
13) 如果你想在有關組織推出中文教材時收到通知,麻煩您留下電話號碼、電郵地址,或Telegram 帳號。 Would you like us to let you know when the training resources are created? What is the best contact information for us to reach you at? You can leave your phone number, email address, or TG (telegram)
三:個人資料 Part 3: Basic Information  
14) 姓名 Name (Optional) 這是非必要提供的。為了保障您的個人私隱,您可以選擇給化名,或者您的姓氏。您所提供的姓名只會作紀錄和跟進之用。This is optional. To protect your privacy, you may wish to provide a pseudonym,  first or last name (we will use your name for keeping track of the survey and follow-up purposes only).
15) 你的年齡層是多少?What is your age group?
16) 婚姻狀況 Marital Status
17) 您將會是申請自己本人或一同與其他人一同申請移民? Will you be applying for yourself or with others?
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感激您抽空填寫問卷。我們希望通過這個計劃能減少香港難民/移民於社會、經濟及語言上的障礙! 與您以及所有加拿大移民一同爭取應有的法律權益,同時為所有人爭取人人有身份!Thank you for filling in the survey. Through this project, we hope to reduce Hong Kong migrants’ experiences of isolation and tackle social, economic, and linguistic barriers to empower you to access your own legal rights and fight for justice for all migrants in Canada. Permanent status for all!
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