Parkside Community Equality Coalition Interest Form
Sign up here to get meeting notifications/access, email updates, and access to meeting minutes. Anyone is welcome to join and you can join a working group in a topic you're interested in! Coalition-wide meetings are every other Thursdays from 7 to 8:30pm.
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Are you able to take on roles and tasks that involve proximity to groups of people and increased risk of exposure to COVID-19?
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Do you have supplies to contribute and/or would you like to receive updates about what supplies are needed? Supplies include things like cleaning and school supplies, furniture, clothes, etc.
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What ideas do you have for how Parkside can grow and learn in this moment? Please share what's on your mind!
Do you have specific skills or resources you can offer Parkside families? Such as: legal advice, money, access to transportation, tech support, physical therapy, laundry assistance, help finding work, resume help, medical advice/support, educational support, construction or handywork help, hair braiding, parenting advice, cooking tips, etc.
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