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The Public Diplomacy Magazine, a publication of the Society of Public Diplomats in partnership with USC's Center on Public Diplomacy would like YOU to contribute to our new magazine, "Monuments."

Public Diplomacy engages publics in a variety of ways to promote policy objectives by understanding, engaging, and influencing. In the last few years, some historical monuments have been reframed as contentious, public diplomacy methods have been used to form monumental international relationships, and the media is a force for promoting dialogue around monumental issues.

Articles for PD Magazine: Monuments should highlight “monumental” instances of PD. This is open for interpretation and could consist of anything from national monuments, to monumental international public diplomacy forums, monumental people to people exchanges, and more. How have monuments been used to commemorate events and influence narratives of national events? What monumental relationships have resulted from public diplomacy efforts? With global internet accessibility, what is the impact of media such as Black Panther?

These are just a few ideas of questions to consider for PD Mag: Monuments. Be creative, consider what is monumental to different cultures/countries, and let’s bring together innovative and diverse articles expanding the field of PD scholarship through this magazine.


Length: 500-2,000 words. We also welcome interviews, info graphs, and relevant book/article reviews.

Proposed magazine categories for articles, to consider when writing:

Please email adam470@usc.edu with any questions.


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