Central CC Return To Campus Survey
This survey is meant to assess the congregation's overall comfort level with opening our building to some in-person church events, including meetings, worship, classes, etc. The Board will take the information collected here into account when assessing the feasibility and timing of reopening. The COVID-19 situation is constantly evolving, and we expect that your answers will change over time - this is simply one snapshot of the congregation's preferences and concerns.
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How many people are you answering this survey for? *
What Sunday activity do you normally attend?
Do you fall into any higher risk categories for COVID-19?
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In the past few months, how have you been accessing worship?
If you have not been attending worship, which of the following choices best describes the reason?
Since the building closed, I have been able to participate in: (check all that apply)
These are some of the proposed community safety measures for in-person worship. Please select all YOU are willing to do:
If the church reopens for in-person worship during Covid-19 before vaccine, it will look quite different. There will be no singing, no passing of the peace, and no fellowship hour. There may be no Sunday School. There will be no nursery. Seats will be marked to maintain social distancing, and face masks will be required. We do plan to continue live-streaming our services for those who cannot or do not want to come. Knowing this, would you return to in-person worship versus staying on livestream?
How likely are you to attend the following types of worship? Check all that apply.
Most Likely Yes
Most Likely No
Outdoor Worship in Community Garden still maintaining social distancing, masks, and no singing
Drive-in Worship in Parking Lot
Online worship
Worship in the sanctuary with Covid Restrictions
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If we opened the building for small groups/committees of ten or less that meet in a large room*, would you feel comfortable attending? *large room being the Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall or larger upstairs rooms.
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Are there any other activities or events that you would like to see the church consider while we work toward reopening?
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