Dating Skills Assessment: How easily can you earn quality dates?
Fill out this assessment below on how far you've come and what's still left to learn and implement. An Alpha Advocate will email you a personalized response on exactly what your results are, what they mean, and what to do with them going forward. Amazing! Takes only a few minutes... Let's get started:
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Onto the 12-Question Assessment...
On a scale of 1 - 10, 1 being not at all satisfied, and 10 being exactly where you want to be, how satisfied are you when it comes to implementing each of the following dating and attraction skills?
Q's 1-3: Your Confidence & Presentation
1. Your internal sense of self, your confidence, your overall vibe and comfort in your own skin around beautiful women? *
2. Your external presentation and charm, how well you come across and your sense of style in your dress and hangouts? *
3. Clarity on exactly what you want in your life and in your dating life, as well as what you want in a partner? *
Q's 4-6: Knowing Where To Find Dates
4. Knowing exactly where you want to approach women, knowing the major venues for doing so online and in-person, and exactly which ones best suit you? *
5. If you’re dating online, having an array of quality photos you’ve chosen according to what women want and what you feel great about, as well as a killer profile that attracts the right women to you? *
6. If you’re approaching women in-person, an unshakable confidence and understanding on how to set yourself up for success in any venue, and a conscious choice of the best possible venues for you? *
Q's 7-9: Your Approach Skills
7. How to approach a woman confidently: the mindset for effective approach, as well as the subtleties to do it really well, whether online or in-person, in any venue, including out-and-about? *
8. How to flirt effectively: the mindset you need, as well as flirting online and through text, in-person through conversation and touch? *
9. How to close effortlessly: how to secure the date online or in-person, exactly how to get her number, and how to text in follow-up to make sure you secure the date and that she shows up? *
Q's 10-12: Your Leadership on Dates
10. How to be an artful conversationalist, asking and sharing the right way, knowing what to talk about, and how to lead the conversation exactly where you want it to go? *
11. How to build chemistry through touch, reading her body really well, going from friendly to flirtatious, and making the first kiss inevitable? *
12. How to create an incredible experience for a woman on a date, how to choose the right venue, how to master the flow between a dark vibe and a light vibe, and how to ensure Date #2 if you’re into her? *
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