Rogue Parent Membership Agreement
Please read and affirm that you agree to the following conditions upon joining the club by checking the boxes.
Name *
One parent will be at the mandatory Rogue hosted speech tournament from 6:45 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. *
One parent will do at least one tournament job at the Rogue hosted tournament. *
One or both parents will judge as needed at all speech and debate tournaments where your child is participating. *
I will recruit community and alumni judges for all Rogue hosted speech and debate tournaments that my child participates in. *
I will help coach in the speech breakout rooms and/or judge practice debate rounds during club time. *
I recognize that Rogue is not a drop-off club, and I will attend all speech meetings with my child. If my child is also in debate, I will be available if needed. *
I will be my child’s primary speech coach. *
I will purchase needed books. *
I will provide computer access for research. *
I will affiliate with Stoa speech and debate league if going to NITOC(national competition). *
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