Offering to Yamāntaka Mandala - Names and Aspirations
According to tradition, we will be reading prayer requests before the assembled mandala at the start of this year's Yamāntaka drubpa in October in San Marino, California. If you wish to submit aspiration prayers, please enter them below. Submissions will be accepted until 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (GMT -7), 18 October, 2019.

In order to create auspicious circumstances, it is customary to make some sort of material or monetary offering with such requests. Offerings can be great or as small as a lamp flame; the important point is to conjoin a vast motivation with an offering to nurture the interdependent connections of causes and conditions. Offerings may be submitted via friends who will be participating in the retreat. Otherwise, you may submit monetary offerings via PayPal: www.PayPal.Me/GarTrust.

All donations will be used exclusively for retreat expenses: altar setup, offerings, tormas, ganacakra, etc.
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Please write down your aspirations and individuals' names, including names of those recently or long deceased. Please combine members of the same family (i.e., the Smith family, the Ivanov family) rather than listing individual given names. These aspirations and names will be printed out, read aloud and kept in the mandala throughout the retreat.
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