Parent Survey for Continued Education in Penns Valley
Dear Families,

As we begin to plan for the possibility of a longer disruption to our normal school year, the District needs to formulate plans to make up the days. Please understand that we are considering all available options and depending on the length of time that school is closed, we might need to employ a combination of online instruction, in-home paper/pencil activities, extended school days, and lengthening of the school year.

As we strive to find ways to best support your student’s educational needs we are asking you to complete the short questionnaire below.
In what grade level/levels do you have students (select all that apply) *
Do you have internet access in your home? *
Do you have unlimited data? *
If you have multiple students in your home, will they all be able to use your internet at the same time without significant service slowdowns or disruptions? *
If and when we go to an "in-home" learning experience, is there an adult available to support your child as they complete assignments? *
If we implement an online learning experience, would you need to come into the school to pick up a district provided computer, iPad, or other materials? *
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