SIGN ME UP: Volunteer for the 2017 Arts & Resiliency Celebration with Hollywood HEART

Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering for the the 2017 Arts & Resiliency Celebration with Hollywood HEART! We're able to bring arts education to young people all over Los Angeles because of people like YOU!

Think about the arts education in your life... Whether it's theater, marching band, dance, visual arts or anything in between, arts education made you the person you are today. It taught you to be resilient, to solve problems, to think creatively, to express yourself and to never face a challenge lying down -- unless that's part of the choreography.

Let's answer any questions you have about volunteering:

- WHO: YOU! Or anyone else in your community. We need at least 60 volunteers for the day!
- WHAT: Volunteer with Hollywood Heart. Give back to your community and the arts in a meaningful, impactful way!
- WHERE: The Pasadena Area (address provided upon signing up).
- WHEN: *May 27th, 2017* - Updated! (and a a brief training meeting to happen during the week of May 15th).
- WHY: Because arts education matters! And because in just one day, you have the opportunity to change lives through music, spoken word and dance. Could you think of a better way to spend a Saturday?

Our volunteers will work in four hour shifts doing many, many tasks (learn more below). Can't join us for 4 hours? Want to do MORE than four hours? Let us know at the end of the form!!

We will be performing background checks on all volunteers to ensure the safety of our participants.

And of course, you can donate to the 2017 Arts & Resiliency Celebration via our Crowdrise page. Every single penny goes towards fostering, mentoring, and celebrating the next generation of great American artists!

For even more information, please contact

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