FYSE 1062: Listening to the 1930s
This activity will walk you through the process of using tools to information across different types of resources. In the process of working on a research project, you will need to consult and use a variety of resource types:

* Primary sources
* Secondary sources
* Reference works (e.g. encyclopedia articles)
* Scholarly articles
* Popular articles (e.g. from magazines or newspapers)
* Books
* Films/video
* etc.

You will use these different sources in different ways, and you will use different tools and strategies to find and evaluate these sources.

For this exercise, we will be focusing on a your topic for your oral presentation/final research paper. If you and your partner have different topics, choose JUST ONE to focus on for this exercise. You have your general topic here, but you still nned more resources to help you narrow your topic and provide evidence for the argument you are going to make. We'll be looking for some resources to help us with this.
Please feel free to ask Ryan questions during this activity - he's your librarian!
You'll be submitting your answers, and you'll be able to see other folk's answers at the end, but this is all anonymous.
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