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We are three students from Queen Mary University of London with a large goal - and all the ambition to get there.

With BURG, we will transform the food industry to be better for the environment, and your health.

We are collecting feedbacks to understand how to approach the market in the best way possible.

Please, answer to these 10 easy questions in order and don’t change your answer after you’ve seen the following question.
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1 - What’s your age range? *
2 - Have you ever seen any documentary about diet eg “What the health” or “Game Changers?” *
3 - Did you know that food products made out of insects are available? *
4 - Are you aware of the health benefits that insects have if eaten by humans? *
5 - Are you aware of the environmental benefits that insects have if eaten by human? *
6 - Do you like burgers? *
7 - Would you eat these two burgers? Considering that you could choose all the toppings. *
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8 - Would you eat this one if it would be made out of crickets? *
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9 - What if it’s guaranteed that the taste and texture are comparable or preferable to beef? *
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10 - What If I tell you that this burger, comparing to a normal one: contains 3.5X protein, 5X calcium and iron; Consumes 50X less water to be produced; Emits 3000X less greenhouse gas;  Needs 17X less land; requires 12X less feed *
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11 - How much would you pay for a burger that will have the aforementioned benefits, tastes great and it’s organic? *
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