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Sheffield Soup has been compared to Dragons Den because people pitch an idea in the hope of receiving funding, but we are pleased to say any similarity ends there. Sheffield Soup Judges are nice, they evaluate ideas with their hearts not their heads.

Here are all the qualities we look for in our shortlist judges:

# Judges are from all types of backgrounds, careers and personal circumstances, ensuring a great range of ideas are shortlisted, ones that really matter to Sheffield people.

# Sheffield Soup judges are not dragon like at all, they are friendly, encouraging, helpful, and supportive.

# They care about Sheffield, its people, its prosperity and communities.

# They pledge to be generous online helping spread the word reaching every nook and cranny of Sheffield.

# They open their minds and their networks to ideas they believe they can help bring to life, offering advice, guidance and connections to the right people.

# Sheffield Soup judges are all ages, from the young (no minimum), to the very life experienced (no age is ever too old!).

# They immerse themselves in the Sheffield Soup belief that together we can achieve great things and make a difference to and for many. They totally get it. They become Sheffield Soup Ambassadors, and become the champions of shortlisted ideas.

# They are kind and generous, giving a fighting chance to ideas that might be seen as traditionally too risky, or shortlist something for no other reason than it would be nice.

Sheffield Soup judges really do have the opportunity to make a big difference.

Before a Soup, they shortlist applications to four ideas they would like to grant the opportunity to pitch to the live audience. This is by eMail, with no obligation to attend or to donate.

At a Soup, the live audience are fondly referred to as ‘The Investors’. They vote after live pitches to determine the winners from your shortlist.

The funding is an in-kind gift from the people of Sheffield, with no strings attached. Winners simply have to keep Sheffield Soup up to date on progress.

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