CUGESA Exec Applications!
Right now, we are looking for some passionate individuals to grow the CUGESA Team so more fun times can happen in the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year! :D

The positions available are:

--> Director of Media: (1 position)
The director of media will focus on how CUGESA is perceived digitally, responsibilities include; taking photos at CUGESA events, creating posters/graphics for events, updating FB and Instagram, and maintaining the website for CUGESA

-->Director of Communications: (1 position)
The director of communications’ role will encompass CUGESA promotions, keeping in touch with important contacts, newsletters, and help with social media accounts.

-->Special Events Coordinator: (1 position)
The special events coordinators will focus on the planning, innovation, and sharing of CUGESA events!!
examples: Incharge of Coffee Hour, MERCH, and organizing activities at our retreats

--> VP Finance (1 position)
The VP Finance will be in charge of organizing/maintaining the CUGESA budget and making sure necessary forms are completed for CUGESA events. Help with organizing MERCH sales

**Deadline to apply: January 10th **
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