Call for Host Sites: Social Change Agent Interns, Spring 2019
The YWCA NYC invites you to be a host site for our 2019 class of Social Change Agents!

Our Social Change Agents (SCA) are self-identified young women and non-binary youth, ages 14 - 18, from across NYC. SCA have participated in our 6 month long A.M.P Leadership Program. Amplifying Multiple Perspectives (AMP) has empowered our Social Change Agents to promote a multitude of backgrounds, experiences and of course, perspectives!

During A.M.P training, our Social Change Agents attended weekly workshops and field trips to critically examine ways they can use their passions and purpose to become strong leaders of gender and racial justice!

As the final component of their program, Social Change Agents will activate their leadership ability by interning at community organizations to learn about, and participate in, social justice within the professional realm.

We hope that YOU may serve as a host intern site!

Being a host site will entail engaging 1-2 Social Change Interns in:

- Orientation to your organization’s work and mission
- Opportunities to meet with staff to explore various roles and procedures
- Intentional time with your organization’s constituents to expand understanding of your program
- Practical application of career skills (communication, organization, timeliness, creativity, etc.) through set tasks
- Creating a final presentation to share at the internship’s celebration reflecting the work being done at your organization and the amazing impact you are having on your community.

Social Change Agent Internships - April 10th to May 15th
10-15 internship hours (Mon - Fri: 3pm - 7pm)
**Participants are paid by the YWCA NYC***
DEADLINE TO APPY: Friday, April 7th.

Questions? Contact Paige at or at 718.514.3257.
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