Workshop Instructors Wanted!
With the addition of our new permanent workshop space between Paper Luxe & The Curious Bear, we're excited to start holding additional creative workshops (for adults & children!) and are looking for qualified, experienced instructors. Do you have experience teaching children or adults and have a special talent or skill you'd like to share? If so, we'd love to hear from you below!

Workshops that we have held in the past, as an example, include hand lettering, calligraphy, succulent and floral arranging, wreath making, watercolor, painted family portraits, and jewelry making. We are very open to similar ideas and new ones!

We're excited to hear from you and look forward to reviewing your application!
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Do you have a website or social media channels that we can look at to see your work/skill? Please list them below. You can also email photos to *
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We appreciate your time letting us know a little bit more about you and your talents. We'll get back in touch within 1-2 weeks. xo
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