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Please fill out this form to request marketing materials for Techsplosion's CraftCamp programs. Please email with any questions or additional comments. Thank you!
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You can find generic electronic marketing materials here:
If you indicated yes to any of the above, how many of each would you like?
NOTE: We LOVE distributing our fliers! Please request as many fliers as you think you can get into the hands of parents-- if that means 10,000 fliers, we'd be ecstatic! :) Some partners distribute to local school districts or slip our fliers into their rec guides.
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Any specific language or logo to be included in the custom fliers?
For instance "Programs sponsored by San Rafael Parks & Rec" or "Programs not endorsed by SRCS". Please send a copy of your logo.
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Some districts, schools, and youth orgs will distribute our fliers directly to parents. Do know of anyone like that?
If you have the direct contact information of the appropriate person, please include it. Thank you!
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Any highly attended kid-friendly events nearby we can get involved with?
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Do you have any other ideas on how to make our programs a success?
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Is there a specific date by which you need any of these materials delivered?
Please be specific in your needs so we can be sure to meet them. Thank you!
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E-Fliers & Digital Marketing Materials:
We have a variety of digital marketing materials available. Please find them at or email for more information.
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