Apply to attend the Seminar: "Stress Management for Impact Agents" in San Francisco
Stress is a modern-day enemy but some people learn to harness its incredible power and use it as entrepreneurial fuel. This workshop seminar covers the neuroscience of chronic stress, the gifts of acute stress and how to stay on the performance edge of stress. You will leave having moved out of your comfort zone, learned some quick tools for transforming stress into your friendly superpower and how to identify early signs of the enemy face of stress.

The seminar will be taught by Kari Sulenes, PsyD. Kari has a background in organizational behavior and is fascinated by the ways humans can manage their own psychology to perform sustainably. She is the managing director of Atlas, an integrative leadership company focused on empowering the startup ecosystem to value human wellbeing as the foundation of business success.

Our seminars last 3 hours and are invite-only. We get a very curated group of 15-20 individuals with a practical, near-term interest in the field. Anyone can apply through forms linked below. We charge between $25 - $85, which goes towards the costs of the seminar.

Space for the seminars is extremely limited, thus we will try to give access to those that demonstrate a real interest in the topic and also the ability to make an impact on the topic after the launch seminar. Please fill in as much info as you think is relevant for us to make the best attendee choices. We will get back to you within a few days.
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