ANTSHE National Nontraditional Student Friendliness Survey 2016-17
Please fill out the following survey to describe your institutions programs, services, and environment for non-traditional students.
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How does your university define a non-traditional student? Check all that apply:
What percentage of undergraduate students are non-traditional? (Age 25+)
What is the institution's most recent non-traditional undergraduate student graduation rate?
Do you have an office dedicated to services for non-traditional students?
If yes, then what is the types of positions? Check all that apply:
Does your institution have a student organization for non-traditional students?
How many student organizations for non-traditional students does your institution have?
Number of honor societies
Does your institution have non-traditional Student Representation within the Student Body Government?
Does your institution have a center/lounge designated for non-traditional students?
Check all that apply to your center/lounge
Does your institution have events specifically geared towards non-traditional students? *
If yes, please check all that apply:
Does your institution have publications geared towards non-traditional students (newsletters, websites, catalog etc.)
Select all campus housing options for non-traditional students. *
Does your institution offer childcare options? *
Does your institution offer population-specific orientations for non-traditional students? *
Does your institution provide scholarship opportunities for non-traditional students? *
Does your institution offer the following? (Check all that apply) *
Check all parties that attend the ANTSHE Conference *
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