Holistic Homestead Immersion 2023 Application
The Hawk & Hawthorne is excited to invite a small group of aspiring farmers & land stewards to learn and grow with us for the 2023 growing season.

Please answer the following questions so we can get to know you a bit & determine whether we'll be a good fit for each-other! If accepted, we would be spending a whole year together so it's important we get to know each other a bit.

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If you're on social media, what's your Instagram or FB handle/link?
Do you live within an easily commutable distance from Hawk & Hawthorne, or will you by next spring?

Would you potentially be interested in carpooling with fellow gardeners? 
Please describe your relationship with nature, plants, and gardening. What experience do you have? What are you most excited to learn?
What would you be hoping to gain from this program? How do you see yourself using the skills you’ll learn here?
OK -- now please tell us more about yourself. :)

Potential Prompts:
Who are you & what do you value?
Where have you come from (your background)?
Where do you intend to go (your goals & vision for your life)?
How do you currently spend your time?
How *would* you spend your time, if it was 100% yours to decide?
What are a few of your strengths & gifts? *
If it resonates for you, what is your sun / moon / rising sign?
Human Design profile? (if you know it)
Where are some areas you're growing?

Tell us a bit about your ‘edge’ and how you handle challenge.

You could tell us a story about a challenging time you remained steadfast through. How did you grow & lead yourself through it? How has that self-leadership made you the person you are now?
What is your current relationship to the Hawk & Hawthorne? How did you find out about this program? 
Let’s talk financial exchange & commitment.

Our intention is to make this deep-dive, hands-on immersion financially accessible, while also making the numbers work on our end (covering materials, Ben & Dane's time & expertise, while also cultivating a yield for the land.)

We recognize these are difficult times for many & a lot of people have faced disruptions to their stability & income over the past few years. We are open to working with you & discuss potential scholarships and/or payment plans.
Please know however, we hold a "no drama" boundary around following through on commitments once agreements are made.

We are making spaces available for up to 3 BIPOC & other economically disadvantaged folks at significantly reduced rates. Please let us know below if this applies to you. If you are in a position to contribute additional funds to support more scholarships for this program, we'd be excited to hear from you.

Please acknowledge that you've read & understand the following:

- The prices are what they are. We are happy to show you how we came to the these numbers with you if you are interested.

- There are no refunds. Once you have signed the contract & sent your deposit / tuition, you're in. In an emergency, your spot may be transferrable to another student *if* they are the right fit.

- 100% of tuition is due before the first class of each season, depending on which level you choose.

- There will be no pro-rating if you miss a class. (There will be opportunities to make up missed workdays.)

If there is anything about your financial situation we need to know before entering into a commitment with you, please describe anything relevant here.
There are a few ways to join this program. You can commit to the whole year (all 9 months, all 3 seasons) … or sign up for just one or two seasons of 3 months each.

Spring Season: Mid Feb. / Early March - Early May 
(Imbolc - Beltane)

Summer Season
: Early May - Early August 
(Beltane - Lammas)

Fall Season
: Early August - Early/Mid-November
​(Mabon - Samhain)

What type of commitment do you see yourself making?

"ALL IN" = All 9 months, all 3 seasons (30 classes + 3 weekend immersions)
Pay in Full: $3,500; due by Feb. 15

"DIGGING IN" = 2 seasons
Pay in Full: $2,500

"DROPPING IN" = 1 season
Pay in Full: $1,500; due by the first class of the season you choose.

* If you choose to Drop In for 1 season, then get here & realize you want to do a second season, you can purchase your 2nd season at a discounted rate (assuming there is space.)

** If you are accepted into the program, you can choose to pay your tuition right away, based on your payment plan, or lock in your spot with a non-refundable $450 deposit. Full tuition (minus your deposit) will then be due before the first class of the season you chose.

What is your schedule like?

The immersion will likely be held on Thursdays.
Would that work for you? If not, what days will you have available?
Once we receive your application, the next step will be to schedule an interview with Ben & Dane (your instructors) and Michael Numinous (steward of the Hawk & Hawthorne).

Would you prefer a phone call or a video interview?
Where did you find out about our program?
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Do you have any questions or feedback for us?
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