Upward Coach and Referee Application
The purpose of facilitating an Upward Basketball league is to use sports as an avenue to share the love of Jesus to kids and their families.
By filling out this coaches/refs application, I understand my primary role is to make a difference in the life of each child who will be assigned to my team. By words spoken in love and by thoughtful actions that express hospitality to all, I understand the leagues desire is for me to have the heart of Christ and be his hands and feet. I understand I have an opportunity to bring a little piece of God's Kingdom into the life of kids and families through sports.
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I understand that any negative personal habits that I have (smoking, alcohol, profanity, etc) may have a negative affect on a child's spiritual development. Understanding that the children on my team have been placed under my guidance, I commit to setting a worthy behavioral example for them to look to. *
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