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Have you ever asked for film recommendations to match a film you love and received only mediocre matches? That's because often movies that have a similar plot don't always feel the same. I make movie matches based on the same appeal factors I use to make book recommendations at my job as a librarian -- things like genre, tone, mood, and themes. For this free service, I create custom built lists of 5 movies to match a movie of your choice.

Filling out the form is not a guarantee of receiving a list.
If your movie is selected, I will inform you at the contact point of your choice.
Please be patient. I do this as a hobby, and each list takes about 3 hours to make.
Serious inquiries only.
I appreciate your kudos and promotion of my services. Give a girl a share, a comment, a thank you, a retweet. Recommend me to other people.
Your list will live on my blog 1ofmystories.com, and I will also post on twitter and maybe Facebook.  
I've been watching and writing about films since 2007 and I have watched broadly, so give it a shot.

Thank for giving me a shot at being your Movie Matchmaker! You can view a sample here: https://www.1ofmystories.com/2020/02/5-movies-to-watch-after-jean-pierre.html

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What is the name of the movie you want me to match? Please add director and year of release. *
What do you like/treasure most about this movie? Please be as descriptive as you like. The more you tell me, the better your matches can be. The quirky characters? The lush soundtrack? The colors used? The screenplay? The way it necessitates multiple Kleenexes? *
Is there anything else you would like me to know about your movie taste? Genres you hate or content you would like to avoid? No guarantees, but I will try to accommodate.
Are there movies you have already seen that you think are similar? I will try not to include these to give you fresh recommendations.
How would you like me to refer to you in the post? I normally use just a first name, but I can also add a twitter handle if you like. *
How would you like to receive your list? Twitter or email? If you are in the Unspooled Facebook group, I can do it there, as well.   *
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