Driver Training Safety Test
This test was based directly off the OSU Driver Training video you just watched.
Be sure to answer every question; any unanswered questions count as a zero.
You need a 17 or better to pass.
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10. When driving in the rain and/or other adverse weather conditions:
1. When stopped at an intersection, you should do all of the following EXCEPT:
2. In ideal conditions, it is recommended that you follow no closer than ____ behind the vehicle ahead.
3. While on the road, you should check your mirrors:
4. The Maximum speed when driving a van is:
5. Safety belts:
6. If a jaywalker is waiting to cross the street at a mid-block, you should:
7. When driving on the highway, you should scan:
8. Properly adjusted mirrors will:
9. When driving in the city, you should scan:
20. While driving, you should:
11. Which one of the following does not apply to vans?
12. When driving at night, it is recommended that you do all of the following EXCEPT:
13. When using a helper to back, which of the following statements is not correct:
14. In adverse weather:
15. When you must back your van, it is best to:
16. Average reaction time is:
17. Hydroplaning:
18. Compared to a passenger car, a van's following distance should:
19. While waiting to make a left turn at an intersection:
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