Albert Hill Course Selection Form 2020-2021
For Current 6th Grade Students


Please review the Course Selection Form with your child and assist them in choosing their classes for next year. Seventh Grade students are required to take a semester of Health and PE and one semester of Career Investigations if they did not have an opportunity to complete a Career Investigation Course in 6th grade. Honors classes are open and available to all students. No recommendations are needed to enroll in an honors course. Students enrolled in an honors course will have a similar curriculum as our standard courses, though students should expect the following aspects that increase the rigor: increased complexity in texts, increased analysis in oral and written communication, in-depth investigations, advanced research expectations, and incorporation of independent study. There are other electives that may be selected for you on a case by case basis. These include Math Enrichment, Reading Skills, English as a Second Language, and Gifted &Talented.
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