Ontario Liberal Party - Policy Resolution Submission Form
Use this form to submit policy resolutions to an Ontario Liberal Party policy plenary.

See www.ontarioliberal.ca/policy for more information or email policy@ontarioliberal.ca with questions. Policy resolutions alternatively may be sent directly to policy@ontarioliberal.ca

Visit www.ontarioliberal.ca/policy for full details and information

Policy resolutions must:

- be within the jurisdiction of the Government of Ontario,
- contain objectively verifiable facts,
- focus on a specific policy objective or goal, and
- be no more than 250 words in total.

Policies can be rejected if:

- The proponent(s), or the supporters of a policy resolution have engaged in harassment or harassing behaviour
- The policy resolution, if approved, would stand in opposition to the objects of the Ontario Liberal Party,
- The policy resolution is deemed to be vexatious or spurious, or
- The proponent(s) or a proposed policy resolution fail to follow the OLP Policy By-Law


TITLE: should be concise and quickly convey the subject of the resolution

PROPONENT: The name(s) & riding(s)/organization(s) of the proponent(s), contact information to be provided to the Vice-President (Policy) (contact information may be displayed at the discretion of the proponent)

SPONSOR(S): The sponsoring Ontario Liberal association (riding association, OWLC club, and/or OYL club) - associations may only sponsor three resolutions per policy plenary.

PREAMBLE: the situation or context that gives rise to the policy idea and why it is important; statements based on objectively verifiable facts that start with “WHEREAS”; identify third parties consulted in preparation of policy proposal & supporting materials.

DIRECTION: identify the policy position or action the proponent wants OLP to take in a statement or series of statements starting with, the phrase “BE IT RESOLVED”
Email address *
What is the title of the policy resolution? *
Who is the proponent(s)? What riding(s)/organization are they from? *
How can they be contacted? (Email and/or phone - **this information will not be publicized or released without permission**) *
Which OLP affiliated association(s) (riding association, OWLC club, OYL club) are sponsoring the policy? (They will be contacted only to confirm) *
If there is no sponsor, please provide a rationale (unable to contact OLP affiliated association, acting on behalf of or in cooperation with an external group, etc.)
Preamble (WHEREAS statements) *
Direction (BE IT RESOLVED statements) *
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