GMCL 2021 Season Umpire's Ground Report
For 2021 there will be one form for all umpires.
We will only ask for information we need to know for league rules, league development, club development and ECB requirements.

You are the league's eyes and ears, literally on the ground, week in and week out, and our compliance teams and ground teams can respond quickly to any issues you flag up to raise standards as soon as is possible.

Do not be concerned about giving bad marks, this is about the trend of scores every week and no action will be taken purely on individual reports from either you or one of your colleagues. We will look at trends and average of the marks given.

We would be grateful if you could answer as fully as possible where you have the opportunity because the more information you give us the better.

We ask for your e-mil address, so that we can send you a summary of your responses
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