FRESH Meet ☞ Hump Day Eats 🐫 4.15.20
This edition of FM is a digital speed-dating event for for polyam, ethically non-monogamous, and curious folk to meet, mingle, flirt, play our weird party games, and connect with new people in a low-key groove.

To RSVP, answer deez queries n' review the pertinent details, Meetlings.
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Enter your full ACTUAL name: *
What kind of Meat are you hoping to match with? 🍖 *
Flirting is welcome, but I will conduct myself throughout the event in a way that is 100% respectful and courteous. 😇 *
I understand that I may be paired with a human that I'm not interested in. (Gender, sexual orientation, eyebrows, etc.) But this is a close-knit community that thrives on connection, and the ability to play well with others is verrrrry sexy. 😘 *
I know that my conduct, both in the chat and during my one-on-one matchups reflects not only on me but also on whoever recommended me and that Ella + Jenny will not hesitate to remove me from the chat, group, and planet if I'm awful. 🥾 *
If anything during the course of this event makes me feel uncomfortable, marginalized, or disrespected in any way, I can (and should) go to Ella or Jenny, who will handle it swiftly. ⛓ *
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