我們對於是次活動取消及更改形式引致不便表示抱歉,抗疫期間,請大家多注意身體健康,減少去人多擠逼嘅地方,記得帶口罩 帶口罩 帶口罩呀 (重要嘅要講三次,祝願疫情早日舒緩。

Due to confirmed cases of COVID-19 is rising, the government has implemented a restraining order and public anti-epidemic measures. To follow with the epidemic prevention measures, we regret to announce that the "Kai Tak Runway 7km Community Run" on 25 July will also be changed to online calories drive, where details will be announced on the event page soon.

Please accept our deepest apology for the cancellation/change of the activity. Stay healthy and strong, keep social distance and wear face marks! We look forward to exercise with you all at our next event.

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