Summer Freebirth Story Submissions
Hi! I'm Bree Moore, the author of "Birth Becomes Hers", a complication of freebirth stories and advice. I'm planning an Summer edition to my Seasons of Birth series, and I hope you'll be part of it!


- Must have been an unassisted home birth. I define this as a birth without a medically
trained attendant. A doula is fine. :) If your story ended with postpartum transfer, that's also fine.
- Submit to Summer: Estival if your story takes place either between the beginning of June to the end of August OR in the summer season in your country

Stories will be mildly edited for readability/ punctuation. Please specify if you'd like names changed.

Submissions due by March 30th 2021. Book will be released as an ebook in June 2021. If it's long enough, I'll produce a paperback version, but it may be released later.

You will receive $5 per personal story and $5 if you provide images, as well as a free ebook copy and a discounted paperback if one is produced. Payment will happen via PayPal. You can opt to donate this compensation to the book's production if you'd prefer, simply indicate below. I can also send a gift card to a place of your choice in the appropriate amount, which helps avoid fees for exchange rates and PayPal.

Any questions? Contact Bree Moore Moore
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