Studio & Ap Art Mid-Year Survey
This form is to help us figure out what works best for the art class as a whole. What is working in class for you, what is not working, what do we keep and what do we get rid of. Please take your time to fill out this form, so that we can make next semester even better! Thanks for your thoughts and ideas!
What class set up works best for you to create art in? *
Something else, for the class room arrangement:
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How do you learn about art the best? *
Is there another way that you learn best?
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What project set-up did you like the best? *
If you picked something else, what would your suggestion be?
What media do you want to learn more about *
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What is at least one thing that you do not like about class? *
This is something that doesn't help you learn or create art well.
What is at least one thing that you do not want to change about class?
This would be something we want to make sure to keep that helps you learn.
What is an idea you would like to share about how we could improve class?
Take time to describe your idea so that we can add it to class.
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