LOTE6 OpenVillage - Fellows
By answering the questions in this form you help us understand the scope of your work and the way it fits the theme of the festival and the research we're doing. As Edgeryders, we are looking for people who work on health care and social care solutions of all kinds, powered by open approach/libre access. Selected fellows will be building together with us the festival, by curating a track that fits both their experience and the general topic of the festival. We need you to be a well-connected individual (or a group) that can take upon the task of inviting interesting people and building a unique event with us.

The applications are accepted on a rolling basis, until we fill the two places we have to offer.

You can read more about the Fellowship on: https://edgeryders.eu/en/communityfellows

More about OpenVillage here: https://edgeryders.eu/en/openvillagefest
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