Inclusion Scholarship Application
If your child would like to be considered for one of our inclusion scholarships, please continue to fill out the following form and attach a referral from your child's school or health professional. If you have trouble filling out the form, applications can also be made over the phone or in person. Please email our inclusion Coordinator, Tom Middleditch, at or call the office on 03 98672477 and we will be able to assist you through the process.

If you are Deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech impairment, you can call us through the National Relay Service on

This application will be assessed against St Martins' selection criteria for inclusion scholarships. We do our best to support young people who wish to experience St Martins' workshops, however places are limited. For this reason we place strong emphasis on applications from those who experience disability, Neurodivergence, cultural and linguistic difference and economic or educational disadvantage

Some of the questions below are quite personal. They are used to evaluate the level of support we can offer to you and other applicants; if any question makes you uncomfortable, you do not need to complete it. We will still evaluate your application fairly and against the criteria set for all applicants.

Inclusion Scholarships are annual and will be reviewed at the beginning of each calendar year. Any application granted mid-year will still be reviewed at the start of the following year.

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