Saturdays at Kimnastics
Kimnastics' Exploration: Grades Pre-K3 - 1st Grade
Looking for a safe environment for your child to be creative as they develop their mind and body?
Kimnastics Exploration is an open platform for children to explore math, science, reading skills & concepts, as they engage in  a variety of hands on activities. Children are given the opportunity to increase their strength, balance, and flexibility as they navigate gymnastics apparatuses, and engage in fitness challenges.

Making Sense of Mathematics Through Gymnastics: Grades 1st - 2nd & 3rd - 5th
Would you like to increase your child's math skills, vocabulary & confidence?
Making Sense of Mathematics Through Gymnastics is a fun and active environment that builds number sense, problem-solving skills, and confidence in children. Develops critical thinking, fact fluency and vocabulary, through interactive math, gymnastics, and fitness games and activities.

September 18th - November 6th
$160.00 (8weeks)
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