Bring Your Own Device- For students
For several years, we have considered opening our district network for STUDENTS to bring their own device (iPad, chromebook, laptop). This BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiative is not new to WNY, but, it would be new to Cleveland Hill.

Students who bring their own machine will be allowed to hook up to the Cleveland Hill network. Any work done on the network is filtered, just like a Cleveland Hill machine (this filtering is required by out inappropriate websites).

To understand the number of students who would take advantage of this new initiative, we are asking students (or their parents) who intends to "BYOD". This would also give us an idea of modifications we would make to the BYOD network.

If you do NOT opt to participate in the BYOD initiative, we WILL have a machine for EVERY student (it may be a chromebook...or it may be an iPad). While the pandemic has accelerated the timing of this initiative, it is something that we would look to continue AFTER the pandemic. This will mirror what our students will experience when they attend college/university or another post secondary institution. This will serve as an excellent pilot.

If you would like to capitalize on the initiative, please fill out the form below. We will email you JUST before the start of school on how to "hit" the BYOD network at Cleveland Hill. This should be completed for ANY individual student who will participate. So, if you have two children, please fill this out twice (you will get a chance to submit another response). If you are a student, let your parents know that you submitted (so, that they to submit you a second time).

To reiterate, we have machines for EVERYONE (chromebook or iPad). However, students may prefer the convenience of bringing in their own machine.

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