Internship at Severn Run Application
Please use the form below to apply for available internships at The Church at Severn Run.

This year at Severn Run we are looking for interns in most of our ministry areas, but here are a few specific areas we are looking to fill:

• Graphic Design, Social Media, and/or Marketing support
• Ethnography/sociological data study support
• Ministry start up support
• Mission trips logistics and development
• Non-Profit Start-Up Support
• Kid's Curriculum Development
• Student Ministry Support
• And more!

If you feel you may be qualified to fill one of the roles listed, or if you feel a general call to get experience leading at a high level in ministry, we would love for you to apply!

The Internship Semester at Severn Run will run from May 29-August 14 (exceptions and flexibilities in dates are ok), and each internship is a part-time opportunity. You'll work closely with the Staff and Serving Severn Runners, and be expected to be a part of worship at Severn Run during your internship here.

You will learn valuable Leadership Skills and Self-Development practices in addition to your specific ministry responsibilities. If you have questions or concerns, send Bonni Mace an email at

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