Berk’s Nest Street Team Manager 2019 - Application Form
Thanks for wanting to join the Berk's Nest team this year - it's goign to be our biggest year yet, with the most exciting shows we could have hoped to work with. We value the people we work with, treat them well and pay them fairly, and make sure everyone has a brilliant time. Hopefully this application form isn’t too complicated, but if you have any questions or problems please do get in touch at

Our street team manager is responsible for overseeing the entire flyering team (usually around 10-14 people), and delivering brilliant audience numbers. They're supported in this by everyone else on the team and work particularly closely with Owen, our Managing Director, to deliver audiences for each show. This year, our STM will be supported by a Marketing Assistant, a new position on the team, who will work across digital & print marketing and will be responsible for designing, printing, and supplying you with all of the flashers you could ever need.

You'll have a couple of years experience flyering in Edinburgh, and knowledge of how shows, venues, and audiences work at the Fringe. You'll have some experience of managing a team (at the Fringe or in another environment), and be full of thoughts about how to best support your team whilst getting the best out of them.

Role responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
- Managing the street team: organising all rotas; amending rotas in response to show sales; making sure all of the street team get their days off and aren't overworked (essential); making sure everyone on the team is happy and dealing with any problems when they're not; recruiting any further flyerers during the Fringe if needed; helping the street team invoice the company for their work.
- Training the street team: you'll organise a briefing with all the street team the day before shows open, and bring all the team up to speed on all of our shows and best flyering practice. You'll continue to provide advice and training throughout the festival, making sure that every member of the team is able to deliver their best in their role on the street team.
- Helping in the initial set-up from July 27th - 31st: moving all print materials around so everything is in the right place (between venues & the Berk's Nest HQ); co-ordinating postering around Edinburgh; organising the welcome drinks for the flyering team and acts to meet each other

Role details:
- Responsible to: Managing Director Owen Donovan
- Responsible for: Street Team
- Pay: £1,500
- Accommodation provided in centrally located flat (living with the rest of the core team)
- Dates: July 27th - August 27th. Some work will be required in advance of the festival, namely a call with our previous STM, and speaking (either in person or via phone) to all of our acts to put together an initial flyering plan, but this is flexible around you.
- Hours: Flexible - as long as the work gets done and sales aren't awful, we're more than happy for you to decide exactly how you use your time. The Fringe is an unusual workplace with no set hours, and we have shows running for about 8 hours of the day, but we want our team to enjoy themselves, see shows that they want to see, and have their own time to relax and get away from it all.
- Benefits: Venue passes for Pleasance & Assembly, tickets to shows, merchandise & anything else we can get our hands on.

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