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Polynya aims to activate a culture shift among middle school students, with a special emphasis on girls living in the Arctic and sub-Arctic, to see women as trailblazers of Arctic traditional and western sciences. We want girls to see themselves in every corner of the polar sciences, Traditional and Indigenous Knowledges, research, advocacy, arts, and change-making community. Published four times a year, Polynya will illuminate polar research and achievements by those who identify as women and those who were designated female but self-identify differently across all races and ethnicities.

And want to feature you! In order to feature you in Polynya Magazine, please complete this short questionnaire about your journey in STEAM.
Name, as you would like it to appear in the magazine:
Best email address to contact you at:
Affiliation and professional title, as you would like it to appear in the magazine. This could be "student, X high school":
Hometown and country
When you were a kid, what did you think you wanted to do when you grew up?
What's your earliest memory of being interested in science, technology, Traditional Knowledge, community change-making, advocacy, arts, engineering, or your field of research and how have your feelings towards your field changed between middle school and now?
Tell us about what you do? Please explain what you work on in terms a 10-year old would understand.
Tell us about your journey. What are some choices you made along the way that led you to your studies or career? Include challenges or apprehensions, if any, and what you have learned about yourself along the way?
Do you have a pet? If yes, please tell us about them!
Please give us 1 to 5 technical or Traditional Knowledge terms that are important to what you study or do. For example: "Polynya: a stretch of open water surrounded by ice, especially in Arctic seas."
How is learning science, advocacy, or what you do at your job rewarding? Share a story about an experience, discovery or opportunity that excited or surprised you.
What was your biggest fail?
What is your biggest piece of advice for our future scientists?
Is it OK to list your contact information [email] in the magazine for students to contact you? This is optional! If so, which email address should we list?
OPTIONAL: Do you have a funny story about your work, fieldwork, research, or school that you can share with our readers?
FOR EARLY CAREER AND TEEN FEATURES: What are your current goals and aspirations for the future?
Do you have social media handles you would like us to list? If so, please provide them below:
Are there any other women or young women scientists age 10+ that we should feature in our magazine? Please list their names and contact information so we can highlight as many women as possible!
Can you tell us about the photos you've shared (below) with us?
Please copy and paste the link below to upload high resolution photos of you. These can include: (1) a self portrait or head shot; (2) photos of you in the field, at work, or engaging in the sciences; (3) fun or meaningful photos of you (with your pet, hiking, singing, etc.). Please name the photos with your name and the photo credit, so that it will look like: VictoriaHerrmann_EliKeene.jpg
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