Professional Interests
All questions are optional. It helps us understand what new grant writers need in the early stages of gaining experience. You are free to take this survey for your own benefit and do not need to add your name or email. If you would like us to follow-up, please add your information. This information will not be shared with anyone else.
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How much grant writing have you done?
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What is your educational or professional background?
What is your experience working with nonprofits?
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Have you taken any grant writing courses or trainings?
If you have taken grant writing courses recently, was it a good experience and did it help you feel prepared for your next steps?
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What is your professional goal as it relates to grant writing?
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Please list any populations you would like to help or nonprofit areas of interest.
I am interested in participating in conversations with prospective grant readiness/writing clients even if I don't get compensated for that time.
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What do you hope A Village for Good can help you with? (check all that apply)
Are you interested in exploring ways grant writers can advocate for a more just and equitable philanthropic system?
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Would you like us to contact you to answer questions you have about the Village or show you arond the resources we have collected? If yes, make sure your email is included at the beginning of the questionnaire.
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