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Hello everyone! I am Matthew, an Information Systems and Computer Science student from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and I am joined by my colleagues Thomas, Jennifer, David, and Jun. For our IT in Business course, we are doing a project on the topic of OSS, so we thought it would be a good idea to consult the resident experts in this domain, the hobbyist and professional developers who act as the core drivers of OSS projects and communities.

We have put together a short survey covering a variety of the practices of OSS projects in the B2B software space, and are looking to hear your opinions and ideas. Any responses would be greatly appreciated by me and the rest of the team!

Below is a rough description of the software we are looking at for this project:

The application has traditionally been a proprietary and paid piece of software, whose users include banks and financial institutions. The main functionality is to provide an all encompassing toolbox that allows them to perform a variety of analysis and calculations. The inputs, format and required outputs of these calculations are required to be complicit with the local laws and regulations, and are therefore subject to any changes made by regulatory bodies. What this means is that users in each country/districts require their own set of calculations.

Currently the company has a team averaging around 50 in-house developers that are in charge of adding features and updating regulations as they change, or adding new regulations as they gain new clients in new areas.

The idea is to open the source code of this software, so that it is free for everyone to use, (though the users will most likely remain financial institutions) and that users can update and add their own regulations as required for their use.

Thanks for your help!
- Matthew & Team

OSS is a powerful and useful concept in the B2B software industry (just as it is in B2C). *
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Strongly Agree
The higher the level of involvement from the original publisher (author), the greater the quality of the end product (compared to less structured, open community discussion) *
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IF you make changes to the code for your personal or employer's needs, you are likely to re-upload those changes for community use. (ie. be an active contributor) *
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OSS better fits customer needs compared to closed software. *
Strongly Disagree
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What is the main benefit that users would gain from using an OSS compared to a closed source application? *
What is the most effective and fair monetizing strategy that publishers use to make up for the lost sales revenue after opening their source code? *
Does switching to an open source model allow the publisher to save developers time for other activities? (ie. how much time should the current developers spend maintaining the source code compared to the amount they spent developing during the software's proprietary stage) *
What is the optimal language(s) for THIS project? (Regulatory complicit financial calculations) *
Any other ideas or comments?
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