RISE 2020
Join over 1,900 students across 190 colleges and universities for RISE 2020, a 100% Virtual International Conference

It is easy for us to look at 2020 and call it a loss. This isn't the college experience we expected or wanted. But in this moment, we don't have to settle for just surviving, we can do what Christians throughout history have done, turn to the gospel for strength.

So this October, whether you're on-campus or remote πŸ“, in the states or abroad 🌎, come join us at RISE 2020 a virtual conference for college students throughout the nation and around the world. Choose to start this school year by:

- Connecting with God πŸ™πŸΎ

- Experiencing community ❀

- Elevating personal growth πŸ“ˆ

- Empowering our faithπŸ”‹

- Reigniting God's vision for our lives πŸ”₯

Register for the national event and then complete the form below to be include in Middlebury discussion groups, snacks, and meals.

"Timing": Friday Evening October 2nd at 7 PM - Sunday Afternoon October 4th at 5 PM
"Location": 100% Virtual + On-campus Snacks/Dinners

Questions? Contact Christine McDow '21, InterVarsity's Treasurer, at on Instagram @ivmidd "OR" cf@middlebury.edu "OR" (910) 604-9860
"What if I can't make the whole Conference?" πŸ’¬
Even if you can’t make it to every session, you are welcome to join as much as you can πŸ™‚
RISE 2020 Conference Video
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