Scotiacon 2019 Event Submission
Hey - thanks for being interested in running an event at Scotiacon 2019!

For help completing it, check out the events page on the Scotiacon website:

Please ensure that this form only has details for one event on it - if you want to run multiple events, please submit a form for each event.
We'll review it and get back to you closer to Scotiacon.

Share the form with your friends - we'd love to see more things happen at the con!

Events will be closing on the 23rd of August this year, after which we will be closing the form and getting back to all the people who have submitted their event.

More events can be added after the closing date, but they won’t make it into the conbook.
Email address *
Attendee Name *
What's the name on your badge? This will be in the conbook as the person running the event!
Attendee Badge Number
Telegram Username
So we can get in touch to ask more questions or help you out.
What kind of event do you want to run? *
If you don't know what category your event fits in to, check the guidance page or drop us a message!
Event Title *
Give your event short, snappy title to go in the schedule
Event/Conbook Description *
Tell us what your event will be about! The more detail you give, the easier it is for us to judge where and when to run it!
Equipment / Special Requirements *
What will you need to run your event? We'll check and revise this closer to Scotiacon, but an indication now will be helpful!
Hosting Requirements *
How many people with be running your event? with it require audience interaction? We'll check and revise this closer to Scotiacon, but an indication now will be helpful!
Preferred Day
Estimated Length *
I'd like help or advice!
If you've never run an event before or you're a bit unsure about making slides or talking to people, we're more than happy to help you through it - just give us a shout and we'll get in touch to help!
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