Share your (next) hypothesis with the worlds top leanstartup mentors. Earn fabulous prizes, feedback, investment, page traffic, free design and dev, and more.
(If you are a member of the Ann Arbor Lean Startup Circle Meetup, do your best and fill this out, and then email me or post in the meetup and I will meet you on campus between 4 and 10pm. There may be up to 4 other people in the session based on demand and timing). If you have any questions you can also tweet @adamberk
We believe that hypothesis articulation is the DNA of #leanstartup. I think it is the first step for teams who are genuinely trying go change the way they solve problems and create value.

If you use this form to help articulate your hypothesis, we will help you run your first/next experiment! We will introduce you to customers. We will introduce you to investors. We will get you discounted domain names, landing pages, PPC, cloud hosting, developers, and press!

Target segment is early stage pre revenue teams who have spent more than a week and $100 on their idea but have yet to find product market fit.

Inspired by #LeanLabsDetroit with help from many others to be named here soon.

I think, therefore I test my hypothesis.
If you had $10,000 in funding today and had to spend it in 90 days, how would you spend it? *
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Select a way to begin your hypothesis! *
Starting with an uncertain posture will set you up for learning. Plus, since you are not expected to know the answer and will not be in trouble when your results are somewhat different from your expectations.
What is your high level learning objective? *
What is your riskiest assumption? What do you need to prove?
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Select your human! *
Who are you trying to learn something from? Who needs to do something? Be specific! Use this tool before you answer (we are being told that you lose your work in this form if you click the link, so feel free to answer this question and THEN do the chat with the bot -- but you definitely need to talk to the bot before we get back to you on trello:)
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Select the action you think they will take *
this can come from your business model canvas, an existing product in grow, proper customer development, etc. This does not have to be your customer, this is the CURRENT subject of an unknown that is crucial to the business. Can be an end user, a channel (if it is a human channel like a teacher on which you rely to distribute something). If you are following the form we now have I BELIEVE... THIS PERSON (this question finishes the sentence in a way that semantically flows) IE I believe this person will sign up now.
How many of the folks above will take the action above within 2 weeks of launching the experiment? *
People struggle with this all the time so just pick one of the options below that seems reasonable. Other variables in your hypothesis will play a role here so you will have a chance to go back and balance the equation later.
why do you believe the people will take this action?
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What is your twitter? *
include the @ like @barryoreilly - you need to have a twitter account for this community since you will need one to find customers
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What is your email? *
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How did you hear about this? *
What best describes you? *
Do you agree to work closely with a mentor and "launch" this experiment within a week? *
"Launching" will be defined based on the "action" you selected. If you selected "verify the problem exists" you will need to submit your first interview in a week. If you selected click a button, the website must be done within a week, etc.
I understand that this hypothesis will be automatically posted to trello. I have one week to define the details of the experiment and launch it. If I get stuck I can do 3 problem interviews and it counts. If I do not launch within a week my card gets deleted and it is $100 to rejoin the community. Adam or John have no control over this:) Even Adam's mother would have to pay since the algo is in charge. You can thank this person *
What can we do for you? *
We are trying to raise 100k > 1m to turn this course into a self service fund. Today however, we are still learning what it takes to get entrepreneurs like you to test hypotheses very quickly, commit to deadlines, and share with others in the community. We MAY give you $500 to share your story on Medium, but we are testing ways to make the HYPOTHESIS submission process and initial validation process more scaleable. Tell us the MOST IMPORTANT THING WE CAN DO FOR YOU after you submit your hypothesis.
Did you join the community? (Do it after, don't click out of here yet or open it in a new window) *
Did you "add"> "yourself" as a "member" to the specific card generated in column 1?
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