#gamesweekberlin volunteer application

So Games were always fascinating for you? You dream of being a part of the games industry?
Join the force that does its best every year to make everyone happy!

The #gamesweekberlin runs from Monday, April 23rd through Sunday, April 29th 2018.

Volunteers have pre-conference assignments and an orientation get-together the week before the event starts.

If you are accepted into the program, you are expected to be on-site from the start of your pre-conference assignments through the end of the conference on the evening of Sunday, March 29th, during conference hours.

Please plan accordingly so you have no job, school or other conflicting responsibilities during that time. We also recommend to bring your business cards!


Simply follow the instructions at the bottom of this page and submit your application.

This is a paid position. You must be eligible to work in Germany.

**Internationals and people from diverse parts of the games industry are strongly encouraged to apply!**

Last day to submit your application is 9 April @ 18pm UTC. Applicants will be notified if they are accepted (or not) as soon as we can!

If you have questions please get in contact with the Volunteer Manager Dominika Chorosinska from Booster Space at dominika@booster-space.com

Thank you and we are happy to hear from you!

Benefits of volunteering at #gamesweekberlin
• A free, non-transferable "All Access" pass for use when not on-duty. Unless you already have a pass; unfortunately,
refunds and transfers are not available!
(Please note you will have NO access to the Quo Vadis Business Center, the MeetToMatch Area and Matchmaking
• Access to various #gamesweekberlin networking events and parties
• Priority access to future #gamesweekberlin volunteering opportunities
• Access to the volunteer online community
• Ability to network with some of the top people in the game industry
• An opportunity to support the development community
• Experience and our recommendation (if requested)
• #gamesweekberlin veteran certification
• Good looking #gamesweek volunteer T-Shirts and giveaways
• Our wonderful and exciting location Holzmarkt, right in front of the Spree!
What kind of work does the job involve?

• Pre-conference orientation
• Guard doors and scan badges
• Hand out headsets
• Greet speakers and make sure they are all set for their talk
• Occasionally provide technical support
• Venue setup and dismantling
• Exhibition setup and dismantling, also assistance during exhibition
• Monitor conference sessions and assisting speakers
• Check badges at lunch breaks and special events
• Pack conference bags
• Answer attendee questions
• ...and much more!
Not Included in the Volunteering Program
• Travel expenses to and from the conference and parking
• Hotel or housing expenses
• Food expenses beyond the provided conference food vouchers
• Professional, friendly, and respectful attitude
• Ability to be flexible, understanding, and patient in an alternating environment
• Provide support for the #gamesweekberlin and each other event
• Excellent in-person and online communication skills
• Best case: Being available from the orientation until conference officially ends
(Monday morning, 23rd April - Sunday late evening, 29th April 2018)
• Sign-up a volunteer agreement
• Must be at least 18 years old
• What if I have particular talks I want to attend?
You can submit work preferences that are factored into our schedules.

• Do I have to volunteer the entire day or are there shifts?
We prefer volunteers be available the entire day of the conference but we will have an one up to two shift system. Don’t worry, there will be time for you to attend some talks!

• Can I choose where I volunteer?
We will definitely consider each volunteer’s preference for where they want to volunteer, but we can’t promise you’ll get the exact spot you want if there’s a surplus of demand. Nonetheless, the roles, places, and responsibilities of the volunteers will likely change and alternate throughout the day, giving everyone a comprehensive experience.

• Do I have to have any experience of knowledge of the media, entertainment, and technology industries to be a volunteer?
No experience is required however people with passion and interest in the games industry are appreciated.

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