District 66 Fall 2016 Fall Conference Gift Basket Donation
Show your creativity, originality, and support by donating a themed gift basket for the Fall 2016 Conference Gift Basket Raffle. Each year at the District Conference we conduct a gift basket raffle. We are asking each club to donate a basket to continue this tradition. The club with the best basket, as decided by the conference attendees, will receive a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place award. This year's conference theme is You Squared: Taking It To The Next Level. Show how your club is taking it to the net level.

Create your own theme or feel free to choose one of these basket ideas: Automotive, Spa, Sport, Kitchen Gadget, Pet Lovers, Movie Night, Wine Tasters, Baby, Christmas, Toy, Book Lovers, Gift Cards, or Romantic Basket.

Basket Guidelines:
1. Voting will be by conference attendees.
2. You should give your basket a title
3. No club names should be displayed.
4. Baskets will be assigned a number.

Please confirm your club's donation and bring your basket to registration when you checkin.

If no one from your club will be attending and you still wish to donate a basket to support the District Conference, we will be happy to pick-up your basket and deliver to the conference on your behalf.

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