Web3.py User Survey
We, the EF Python Team, would like to learn more about users of our tools and how best to support them.

All questions are optional and the data is anonymous unless you indicate interest in being followed up with.

The anonymous data or a summary of the data will eventually be shared on the EF Python team blog.

Thanks for your time! 🐍
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How would you rate your programming experience level?
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What language(s) do you use in your day job?
What is your preferred language(s) for a hobby/side project?
Why do you use web3.py over another language's library?
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Are you using web3.py within a development framework?

In what domain(s) are you using web3.py?

In which environment(s) are you using web3.py?

Are your web3.py-related codebases open source?

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Are you using any external modules (plugins) yet?

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If you answered "Yes", what are you using external modules for?

What, if any, are your frustrations with web3.py?

What one thing do you most want on the web3.py roadmap?
What would you like documentation or tutorials written for?

Last call: any additional feedback on web3.py or Python blockchain tooling in general?

May we follow up with you? If so, include an email or other contact method.
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