SABBATH: Time Set Aside
PLEASE NOTE: by filling out this form, you are expressing your interest in coming on the retreat. You will need to receive confirmation from Emily Hansen Curran and pay in order to be officially registered. Full payment is due within a week of Emily's confirmation email.


Friday, September 16th (5:00 pm) through Sunday, September 18th (1:30 pm)

The 2016 Parish Retreat will take place at the Bishop’s Ranch in Healdsburg (1.5 to 2 hours’ drive from All Souls). Our annual retreat is a special time for community building, spiritual growth and exploration. This inter-generational event includes activities for children, youth, families, and adults of all ages. In addition to the program of the retreat, the weekend includes free time for reflection, rest, adventuring and fun.

Four types of lodging are available (specific room assignments are made by the staff):

• Double Occupancy: Designated for couples and roommate pairs in Webb Lodge or Ranch House West Wing.
• Standard/Family Occupancy: Designated for families in the Ranch House or Harrison House.
• Dorm Occupancy in the Cottages: Designated youth, families, and groups of adults excited to bunk together.
• Camping – a low cost alternative with space under the trees, using the bathrooms (with showers) by the pool.

There is a parallel youth retreat for all middle and high school youth. They will be staying together in cottages (apart from their parents) and enjoying their own programming. They join with the rest of the group for meals, worship, and some of the whole-group activities. If a youth can only come on Saturday, they must arrive by 9am and stay through dinner, and stay with the youth crew during the program.

Our costs for the retreat are determined by the prices set by the Bishop’s Ranch, detailed below. Our goal is to make the retreat financially possible for all who wish to attend, and welcome those who are able to contribute to the partnership fund. If you would like to be considered as a recipient of a partnership to attend at a discounted rate, please contact Liz at

If you are unable to attend for the full weekend, it is possible to join us just for the day on Saturday. (Day use includes lunch, you can add breakfast or dinner as well.)

Children under age 3 are free. All costs listed below are per person.

Lodging & Meals, Friday – Sunday: (2 nights, 5 meals)

Adults (double occupancy): $225.00
Adults (standard occupancy) including rooming with children or youth: $205.00
Adults (dorm occupancy) including rooming with children: $190.00
Youth (11-18, middle and high school): $135.00
Children (3-10, elementary school): $95.00

Camping & Meals, Fri – Sun (2 nights, 5 meals)
Adults: $120.00
Children (3-10, elementary school): $80.00

Saturday only (day use, with lunch)
All ages: $40.00
Adding breakfast): $15
Adding dinner: $18


FRIDAY— 5:00 pm and on, bring food and beverages to enjoy together. Friday evening is an informal social time to relax, get acquainted, and settle in. Dinner will not be provided, so if potluck snacks will not satisfy you, please stop to eat en route or bring your dinner.

SATURDAY — All three Saturday meals will be provided in the Ranch refectory. This morning, we begin the heart of the retreat for adults, youth and children ages 3 - 10. In the afternoon, enjoy time to re-create, take your children to the fabulous swimming pool, or join in some great inter-generational activities. Before dinner on Saturday evening we will gather to socialize, (bring something to share!) and after dinner we will have a talent optional creativity night (think wild, fun, silly, entertainment – a chance to share your story with All Souls folks like never before!) and then close with Compline.

SUNDAY — We will gather in worship and have a morning session together. Both breakfast and lunch at the refectory are included.
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