Immanuel Community Services Food Bank Delivery - COVID-19 Support
If you are unable to come to our weekly food bank due to COVID-19, we are offering food deliveries to ensure everyone gets what they need during this time.

You only need to fill out this form once to receive your delivery. We will contact you before your first delivery to ask you about what groceries you would like, and to let you know the date and time of your delivery. We will not be able to deliver food if we are not able to reach you before we begin delivering to your household. Home delivery will continue each week until you discontinue your delivery or we notify you otherwise.

What you receive in your delivery is subject to availability each week. We cannot guarantee certain types of food each week.


- You will not come to the food bank to shop for food, as you are receiving home delivery

- You will maintain a 6ft distance from volunteers dropping off your food

- Email Andy Rodgers, Food Services Coordinator at for requests, questions or concerns about your food delivery. You may also call 206-657-7093.
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