Young Carers School Review 2018
Completing this form will help us to work together with schools in Gloucestershire to support young carers.
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1. Does your school have a School Lead for Young Carers?
Someone with responsibility for young carers
2. How do you currently identify young carers in your school?
3. Do you have a policy for young carers or vulnerable pupils?
4. Which of these types of information do you share on transition to other settings (eg secondary transition/moving to college/changing schools)
5. How does your school culture and environment support and enable young carers?
Please tick any that apply to your school
In place
Mostly in place
Partially in place
Not in place
Young Carer School Lead 
Young Carer Policy
Peer mentoring or buddying
Homework support
Multi-agency working
Anti-bullying policy
Young Carers posters around the school
Pastoral support room/area 
Fundraising for GYC
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6. Are staff and governors are offered training on understanding the needs of young carers?
In place
Working towards
Happy to do this
Not at present
General staff training 
Information from GYC is shared 
Staff complete E-learning module (takes 30 mins)
7. Do pupils/students have opportunities to learn about young carers?
Please tick any that apply
8. Does your school use any of these funding mechanisms to support young carers?
Tick any that apply
9. How does your school identify and seek to remove barriers to learning of young carers?
10. How does your school track involvement of young carers in extra-curricular activities?
11. How does your school track and support the attendance of young carers?
12. How does your school monitor and support the behaviour of young carers?
13. How does your school record bullying incidents and support positive resolutions?
14. What support would you like from Gloucestershire Young Carers?
Tick all that apply
Next steps - what can your school work on to better support young carers?
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Thank you for your time - if you email you can be sent a completed copy of this form for your records.
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