Carlton St Neighbourhood developments are unnecessary. There are better options!
Development Options Halifax is a group seeking better balance between the interests of citizens and those of private developers. We advocate for fair, informed public consultation and clarity through use of 3D modelling. 

HRM is considering two proposals by two developers for four high-rise buildings -30, 26, 20 & 16 storeys- on less than a single block at Spring Garden Rd and Robie, Carlton and College Streets. 

The neighbourhood is threatened by the proposals with added traffic (~770 cars), wind, shade and noise destroying historic character, lack of walk-ability, diversity, affordability, and decrease of local independent businesses.

Please show your support for our campaign against the proposed developments by signing the following petition, which will be brought to Mayor and Council by Development Options Halifax.

- The four towers together have 80 % of the square footage of the Nova Centre and heights equivalent to the Tupper, Fenwick, Aliant and Park Victoria;

-To date, “public consultation” has only considered the proposals separately & never looked at the impact of 4 towers together;

-The proposed towers will abut the western edge of historic homes on Carlton St- a municipal, provincial and federally designated ‘rare' early Victorian heritage streetscape;

-The proposals will require the demolition of 12 multi-unit, small-scale commercial and residential buildings -many of which are historic, affordable and diverse;

-June 2016 Centre Plan public consultations stated this was the 2nd most constrained service area of all Growth Centres, for sewage & water;

-June 2016 Centre Plan public consultations proposed to add 400 residents in two 10-storey buildings OR one 10-storey building and two 5-storey buildings;

-The Centre Plan did not consider an already approved 18-storey high-rise on Carlton St which will house 70% of the 400 so that the rest could be housed in one 5 or 6-storey building and in-fill and present heights of 35, 40 and 50 feet in place to protect the historic neighbourhood could remain;

-In 2012 and 2016 requests were made for this area to be considered a Heritage Conservation District as 20 of 44 buildings are designated Heritage and 11 others qualify;

-Reusing and retrofitting existing buildings is a cost-effective, important and proven way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and demolition contributes unnecessarily to Climate Change.

We the undersigned call on the Mayor and Council to not approve either the proposals or the Centre Plan changes for this area - the proposed densification of 400 can be achieved with the approved 18-storey high-rise and a single 5-6 story apartment building, in-fill and additions.
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